Murroona Gardens

Project Description

STP Consultants’ engaged in the Murroona Gardens in 2016 along side Paynter Dixon for the newly constructed aged care facility located in Bowen. The facility consists of the redevelopment of a road, new aged care facility (consisting of 32 bedrooms).  The facility also includes a new kitchen and new laundry. STP Consultants also conducted a due diligence report. STP Consultants has conducted numerous amounts of site inspections and have worked actively with all clients and services to provide all documentation, inspections and reports on time.  
Discipline Engineer Client Timeline Referee
Structural/ Civil/ Mechanical / Electrical / Hydraulic Michael Henry, Ken Miller, Sona Garabet, Ben Madsen and Philip Lucas  Paynters - 3368 5500 Current Andrew Spilar - 3368 5500

Project Details


Project Date:

June 14, 2019