Project Description

STP Consultants design and developed the redevelopment of Edison Street Child Care Centre located in Wulguru, Townsville. The redevelopment was using the existing strip of shopping centre to develop into a Child Care Centre with the use of additional specialty shops. The challenges STP Consultants faced with was converting the existing strip of shopping centre with an inflexible structural system to a modern childcare centre and upgrading the current tenancies. STP used innovated cost-effective structural design that reduces costs and speeds up the construction process to ensure the design of the system marries with the and limits the demolition of existing systems. The design included innovated lighting, air-conditioning and ventilation through out the centre and retail sector.
Discipline Engineer Client Timeline Referee
Structural/ Civil / Electrical / Mechanical Michael Henry, Matt Whittering, Gene Morgan and George Lazendic WG Architects Current C O'Brien - 07 3216 0555