NQ Cowboys Centre of Excellence

Project Description

Image sourced from Hutchinson Builders via https://www.hutchinsonbuilders.com.au/projects/community/townsville-cowboys-training-and-high-performance-centre

The Townsville Cowboys Training & High Performance Centre involves the development of a 17 000m2 site into a club community, training and admin centre, with a budget of $50 million. Positioned alongside Townsville’s newly erected stadium, this facility will provide community areas, high-performance athletic training areas, sports science and research facilities and services as well as administration offices. STP Consultants is working alongside Hutchinson Builders in order to facilitate the Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire Services for this development.

Disciplines: Mechanical | Electrical | Hydraulics | Fire

Engineers: Trevor Slogrove, Alastair Wilson, Craig Turner, Gil Griffiths & Jeremy Lindsay

Client Referee: Hutchinson Builders | Adrian Grace | 07 4755 8015

Project Details


Project Date:

November 24, 2020