The requirement to restrain building services for a seismic event in Australia isn’t something new, however we understand it has been a relatively new development for many in the construction industry. Since 2010, compliance with AS1170.4 has been a requirement for all class 2 to 9 buildings of importance level 2 or greater. This requirement was confirmed in 2019 by several authorities including the ABCB.

Seismic loading requirements for building structures has traditionally been included in the Structural Engineer’s scope, however restraint of services to withstand these loadings is typically dealt with via performance clauses in services engineers specifications, passing the requirement to complete this design onto the successful tenderer.  This approach may ensure restraints are designed to suit the offered equipment and final routing, but is also necessary given services consultants in general only have a broad overview of these requirements.

STP consultants have years of experience in the design of seismic restraints for building services, delivering designs for mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic services installations with our in-house building services and structural engineers.

Typical roles we fulfil include restraint design on behalf of trade contractors, and design review roles on behalf of developers/government departments.  Early design advice from experienced engineers who know what they’re doing can prevent costly decisions from hitting your back pocket.

Please contact Jeremy Lindsay or Leigh Stegeman from our Brisbane office who will be happy to provide a proposal to assist on your project.