Last week, STP Consultants were named Australia’s Healthiest Workplace for 2021!


Our team came together for the month of July to take part in the ShaeWellness 30 Day Challenge where we were given the opportunity to further educate ourselves on the importance of wellness in the workplace – both physical and mental. With a focus on achieving personal health goals, reducing stress and driving motivation, this challenge also taught our team about different HealthTypes™ and enriched our ability to work collaboratively and cohesively interact with one another.


With the introduction of lunchtime running sessions and PT workouts, our team got moving and got motivated. We are excited about not only the short term results, but the long term mindset that this challenge has now ignited.


ShaeWellness is a precision health and wellness pioneer, bringing personalised health and epigenetics to the corporate wellness space. An ambassador of the #Tech4Good positive social impact movement, ShaeWellness is empowering employees, employers and workplaces around the globe in activating healthy cultures, communities and conversations about mental and physical health. Their evolutionary HealthTypes™ behaviour and biology profiling framework is taking personality profiling to the next level with a built-in health and wellness program customised to each individual. This offers a digital guide to be the healthiest expression of each unique human at work, and at home – in all areas of life. Learn more at