NRL Cowboys House

Project Description

The ‘NRL Cowboys House’ is located in Townsville. Initially STP Consultants Managing Director were engaged to complete the early engineering and concepts for the project to be selected for government funding. After the acceptance STP Consultants were then engaged in Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic services. The purpose of the accommodation is to house young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s students for the duration of the schooling periods through-out the year.
Discipline Engineers Client Timeline Referee
 Structural / Civil / Mechanical / Electrical and Hydraulic Engineers  Anthony Florence, Ken Miller, Michael Galea, Josiah Hosking and Philip Lucas Building and Asset Services and Hutchinson Builders Completed Michael Cambridge- M 0447 202 661 Neil Emmerich- Ph 07 4755 8800

Project Details


Project Date:

June 14, 2019